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REVIEW: Tusk Thai Cuisine doesn’t live up to rating

By Abby Skirmont

As far as Thai food in Batavia, there aren’t many options, but the two Thai restaurants in Batavia are both very highly rated. According to, the number two restaurant in Batavia overall is Tusk Thai Cuisine. The service is what really gives this restaurant such a high rating, considering how helpful and efficient all of the workers are. The food was tasty, but not anything special.

We arrived at the restaurant on a Sunday at around 7:00 pm, a usually busy time for dinner, but there was no wait and we were seated right away. The interior consists of bright orange walls, lined with authentic Thai art. The dining area is small and dimly lit. When looking for an intimate, relaxing environment, Tusk Thai Cuisine is not the place to go. The small, packed dining area results in everyone in the restaurant being able to hear your conversation, while you are able to hear everyone else’s conversation.

We were only seated for a short amount of time when a waiter brought us menus and water. The menu consisted of many different options at a moderate price. We ordered Thai green soda, crab rangoon, basil with beef, pad Thai, and fried ice cream. Everything that we ordered came very quickly and was extremely well presented. The portions were large, but the flavor wasn’t very strong. The food was good, but I believe that it was overrated; I was expecting more. Everything ordered cost around $36, which isn’t a bad price for a full three-course meal.

Although I wasn’t completely disappointed in my visit, I certainly wouldn’t rate this restaurant second in all of Batavia, but I would still consider coming here again.

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