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REVIEW: ‘Christopher Robin’ doesn’t disappoint

By Brandon Thilges

We all know the classic Winnie the Pooh, a stuffed bear and his many friends with their human companion Christopher Robin and the crazy adventures they embark on. Well, now we have a new classic that children can enjoy: Christopher Robin. People were first introduced to this movie in May of this year, and ever since millions of fans have been eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Finally on August 3, the theaters opened and the crowds converged. They were not disappointed. They were met with an amazing work of theater that invoked fine memories of childhood.

The movie begins with Robin, who is now an adult. And, like many other adults, he has been weighed down by the many stresses of adult life. Luckily, and to his amazement, Winnie the Pooh comes to pay him a visit. Winnie the Pooh tells him that all of the old gang have been separated and that he needs help to gather them together again. Naturally, like any friend would do, Robin embarks on a journey with Pooh to find their companions. Not long after, everyone is reunited. But there is one more problem. Robin is facing the stresses of adult life and frankly, he’s not as happy as he used to be. To return the favor for being helped, Pooh and the crew embark on their own journey to help Robin rediscover the joy of life.

Overall, Christopher Robin is a great movie that will not disappoint anyone who sees it. And the fact that it is a good movie is backed up with its many other positive reviews including 71 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, 7.7/10 on IMDb, and 4.9/5 on Facebook.

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