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Q&A Hailey Orman brings energy to Dog Pound

By Mia Wells

Hailey Orman, an active senior at Batavia High School, is one of the nine chosen seniors to be a Dog Pound leader. Orman is in Student Council, National Spanish Honors Society, Girls Varsity Basketball team, and much more but being a Dog Pound leader is one of the most fun for her.


Q: What is a Dog Pound leader and what do they do?

A: “It’s the leaders of the BHS high school section. We are the people who organize cheers, find fun things to bring like rally towels, deal with underclassmen, make Dog Pound t-shirts, and make the Dog Pound excited for our football team.”


Q: How were you picked to be a Dog Pound leader?

A: “You have to apply, answer questions about yourself and why you want to be a leader and then Firnbach chooses nine people.”

Q: Outside of Friday night game, what else do you guys do?

A: “We organize the themes for each game and advertise for Friday nights. But we go to all the sports, not just football. We have our Dog Pound come to basketball games, volleyball, and other sports. We advertise for all the different sporting events as well, tweeting out about the senior night for tennis or letting people know who volleyball is playing.”


Q: What is your favorite part of being a Dog Pound leader?

A: “Lots of things. Cheering on all the different sports teams, being there for everyone, the school spirit we have and create, and everyone together for the athletes at our school.”


Q: Is it ever hard being a Dog Pound leader?

A: “Yes, when you’re trying to organize things at games but the underclassmen don’t understand what they’re supposed to do or they won’t listen. And sometimes we have to stop people from messing around or being rude.”


Q: How is the group of Dog Pound leaders?

A: “Great! We all work together really nicely and come together as one.”

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