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REVIEW: 5 Seconds of Summer sells out in latest album

By Kaycee Reyes Ramirez

After a three-year hiatus, 5 Seconds of Summer has definitely returned as a different band. They have come a long way from the punk-rock style they started off with. Their music has taken on a more pop-ish style. Some would even compare them to Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, or even One Direction.

Their recently released album Youngblood has delved into the radio pop world. There are a few songs such as, “Babylon” and “Meet You There” that have kept an aspect of their rock beginning. Other songs like the leading singles “Youngblood” and “Want You Back” are examples of the pop style. Although going into the pop world has caused the band to lose some of the spunk that made them big in the first place, this has somewhat spread their fanbase to other listeners.

The lyrics in multiple songs are well thought out. The thoughtful words on the album reflect how the fame life is very lonely and has worn them out. That is not very expected from a group of guys under the age of 25. Some are cliche such as, “A house that’s full of everything we wanted/But its an empty home/Empty home,” but it still gets the point across clearly.

Although the band has put it out in the world that the famous lifestyle can be extremely lonely and tiring, hopefully, they’ll eventually get back their original energy about it and carry on with an amazing new era in their career.

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