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REVIEW: ‘vsco’ popular social media platform

By Anna Laurich

‘vsco’ is an app that has been around since 2011 but became popular at the end of 2017. It is a platform that was originally created by Greg Lutez and Joel Flory. The abbreviation stands for Visual Supply Co. It has reached over 200 million Instagram accounts through tags and hashtags. The two top hashtags on Instagram for ‘vsco’ are “vsco” with 178 million posts and ‘’vsco cam” with 192m posts. ‘vsco’ is a social media based app that has professional aspects regarding filters and tools. ‘vsco’ has become one of my favorite apps to use on a daily basis.

This app has recently become a social media platform that is beginning to work up as much popularity as Instagram and Snapchat. The app mainly has girls on it that show positivity from what I’ve seen on the app. This app builds up teenagers’ confidence knowing that users don’t have the pressures of worrying about likes and followers.

‘vsco’ is not only photo editing for others and its own platform, but it also has a Dsco feature that is a like a gif except the user can hold down the circle at the bottom center and point the phone camera at something that is cute or aesthetically pleasing. It has more features that are on vscoX such as, unlocking the complete present library of filters, more tools, and features such as HSL (hue, saturation, and lightness of colors within the image), Video Beta which has video 3editing tools, and Boarders to frame your photos, for only $1.67/mo or $19.99/yr.

‘vsco’ has now become popular since teens are finding more attachments to it. The reason it’s doing so well is that the users can follow others and see their content but mainly because of the amazing professional camera, dsco, filters, and tools. Also, a great feature is showing others how someone feels about their feed by liking it or republishing it.

The only downside to ‘vsco’ is that it doesn’t have a private account setting as Instagram does. It would have a request to follow someone and decide if the public should be able to see your content.

I’ve only used Snapchat and Instagram up till now but now since ‘vsco’ has grown more status many girls and some guys have made it an app they check daily.

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