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Why we should have a Sadie Hawkins Dance

By Maddy Misiura & Anna Laurich

Homecoming and prom are almost eight months away from each other. Batavia High School doesn’t have many all-school activities that every grade can go too. This is why we should add another dance to our calendar, a Sadie Hawkins dance.

In the winter there is not much going on at Batavia High, and this could be a way to raise spirits for the holidays

A Sadie Hawkins dance is where the girls ask the boys to the dance. There was a Sadie Hawkins dance in the past. These dances were very popular in the 30s, they added a new aspect of entertainment to a school. They got everyone excited about getting ready and showing up.

“I think the last time we had one was three years ago, then the next year they set one up but they didn’t sell very many tickets. I hope we get it back,” said Shelby Gajos, the activities director at BHS.

As years pass more classes are coming in that want fun full school activities that everyone can get excited for, we just have to make it as exciting as a homecoming. This will create more school spirit for Batavia as Batavia already has a lot.

“I have so many ideas constantly going on in my head and so does Student Council, We would want to see students take the lead on it.”

We took a poll of 50 students to find their views on the Sadie Hawkins dance. Only seven of those 50 said BHS should not add a Sadie Hawkins dance As we went around asking girls and boys, a majority of girls said they would love to do this dance. This would be a good addition to the Batavia High school calendar.

During homecoming week, students really love showing their school spirit. Also, students don’t feel embarrassed if they do the spirit week because everyone participates. There is also this much excitement around prom season too. Since these dances are at the beginning and end of the year, we should add one more exciting dance in the middle. Prom also is only for juniors and seniors. The Sadie Hawkins dance will allow all classes to participate.

They’re little things that contribute to the negatives when deciding whether or not to have a Sadie Hawkins dance. People might not want to spend money on another outfit. But this dance could be more casual. Girls can just wear a simple casual dress, while the boys can wear a nice button-down and casual pants.

“One way is to get involved with student council because they’re the ones that take the lead on planning this,”  Gajos said. “You can join a group or a club at any time, so you can go to a meeting on Friday mornings, there is an executive board you can talk to. Even if you are not on student council, you could talk to them and help them for the planning stages of it.”

Therefore Batavia High school should have a Sadie Hawkins dance.

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