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The Fall Musical: Chicago

By Anna Laurich and Maddie Misiura

The Batavia Drama Club is performing a musical production of Chicago from Nov. 8-10. While the high school is mainly known for Football, the Batavia Fine Arts Centre are known for their very professional productions.  

Several students that are in Chicago say that are enjoying the cast.

“It’s super fun,” said Anna Harms who plays Velma in the production.”I think we have a ton of amazing talent coming in from the eighth grade and I think everyone works really well together. I’m excited to see, what the future has in store for us.”

Addison Bloom, a member of the Chicago ensemble, agreed with Harms.

“I really like the experience, I’m making a ton of new friends. it’s also really fun!” Bloom said.

The musical that is being performed is called Chicago its based in the 1920s, it is about how women murdered their husbands. A lawyer, Billy Flynn, makes the women who are now prisoners fight who gets the spotlight of winning their case. One of the hardest things for actors and actresses to do is make their character their own.

“Well, I think Velma is a character that people don’t know much about,” Harms said, ”I think people are able to follow Roxie on her journey throughout the story, but there is a deeper meaning to Velma because she just wants to be understood and respected and she never really gets that. So I’m excited to see how I can transform her by the time the show starts.”

I think I’m really just going to let go. I’m not going to let anything hold me back and the second I’m on the stage, I’m going to give it my all until I have nothing left to give.”

Harms has been the lead in many other high school productions like Cats and Rent. Harms is now a senior.

The cast has been working so hard these pass t few weeks and hope for a great show. The drama program is a big community filled with love. A theatre isn’t just performing, it’s creating an environment where you can make friends and be yourself. Dominic Cattero, the director of the Batavia Fine Arts Centre, has a great reputation for putting his own spin on productions and creating a cast that will always have a bond. In the past the drama program has done productions like Rent and Cats, which were incredible, if you saw these musicals, you will for sure like Chicago.

Therefore you should come to see Chicago the musical at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre on Nov. 8-10.

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