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Ten songs to listen to this fall

By Gabriella Helfer

Fall is by far one of the prettiest seasons with its changing color and falling leaves. The chilly days, pumpkin patches, arm drinks, scary movies and just makes a lot of people happy. If you’re bored and you need that perfect new playlist to just drive around and admire all and all its beauty or just to jam out to, here 10 songs you should listen to this fall that definitely will spread good vibes


“New Light” by John MayerThis song dropped May 10 It was written and produced by Mayer and No I.D. Its genre is under new wave or funk rock. It has a really distinct sound resembling something from the 80s or 90s. It has a really good acoustic guitar player and Mayer’s voice really carries the song well.


“24/7/365” by the SurfacesThis song dropped in 2017 and has a soft sound. It basically talks about how the one person’s always going to be around for their love no matter what.


“Feeling Whitney” by Post Malone”- “Feeling Whitney” dropped in 2016. It’s kind of a sad song, as it talks about being in a tough spot and having trouble getting out of it, but I feel that everyone’s had that feeling before.


“Sunflower” by Rex Orange County”- “Sunflower” dropped in 2017. It has a really good tune featuring a trumpet. This song talks about always having hope using the analogy that sunflowers grow at night.


“Pretty Girl” by Clairo–  This song dropped in 2017 and it talks about how messed up it is that most girls think they need to change themselves in relationships. It has a strong message and it’s just a catchy tune. These songs and five others are listed down below.


New Light – John Mayer    24/ 7/ 365 – SurfacesReflection- Pink Skies                      24/ 7/ 365 – Surfaces


Hopeless Romantic – Wiz Khalifa                      Pretty Girl – Clairo


Runaway – Tayla Parx and Khalid   Feeling Whitney – Post Malone


Sunflower                Loving is easy Best Friend        – Rex Orange County

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