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Top 7 former Batavia restaurants

By Sophie Dominguez

In my 16 years living in Batavia, I have watched many restaurants come and go. At first, when a place shuts down, many people are upset, but eventually most people forget those restaurants were even there. Here is a list of 7 former Batavia restaurants to hopefully give you a nice little blast to the past.


  1.  White Castle

White Castle, the infamous hamburger chain, left Batavia quite a few years ago. I can’t say I was really opposed to their shutting down, because there are much better hamburger places in Batavia. Besides, now that space is occupied by the amazing Burrito Parrilla. If you’re looking for some amazing authentic Mexican food, head on over to what used to be White Castle.

  1. Moo La La

It used to be Dairy Queen, then it became Moo La La, and then it went back to Dairy Queen. The short time that the space on Wilson was occupied by Moo La La was a good time, though. They had tasty, good quality ice cream.

  1. Caribou Coffee

It’s been a long time since the charming Caribou Cafe closed down. When it was in Batavia, though, it was amazing. They offered a wide variety of different coffee drinks and pastries, and it was a cozy and comforting place to relax, get work done, or just chat with a friend.

  1. Honey Jam Cafe

Honey Jam Cafe was a cute spot to get breakfast, lunch or brunch. They served a good variety of different foods and had nice service. Batavia has many other nice breakfast places, though, so it wasn’t too much of a loss.

  1. Cici’s Pizza

If there is one place I wish Batavia would bring back, it’s Cici’s Pizza. They’re buffet-style food was a guilty pleasure for many people, and it was a great environment for kids and families. They had great pizza and desserts and a nice little arcade in the back for children to play in.

  1. Hardee’s

Hardee’s, which is now occupied by Salsa Verde, was a nice addition to Batavia. While their burgers were tasty, though, Hardee’s just didn’t match up to some of the other fast food places in Batavia. Don’t worry though, you can definitely find a Hardee’s in another town if you’re willing to make the drive.

  1. Applebee’s

Applebee’s was a fantastic grill and bar. Their food was always delicious and service always satisfactory. Applebee’s will forever be missed as an addition to Batavia.

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