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Top ten restaurants in the Batavia area

By Lily McLaughlin


Taqueria El Sazon

Taqueria El Sazon is a family-friendly Mexican restaurant located in Batavia. This restaurant sells burritos, tacos, enchiladas, etc. Taqueria El Sazon has very friendly service and is always willing to adjust to your needs. Their best dishes are the fish tacos with apple coleslaw and the marinated steak tacos. This restaurant is highly recommended if you are looking for a laid back and an incredible bite to eat.


Tusk Thai Cuisine

Tusk is a classy and cultural Thai restaurant in Batavia. This restaurant has helpful customer service and a welcoming layout. One of my favorite dishes from Tusk is the cucumber salad and the Panang curry. It also has many kid-friendly dishes such as potstickers and pad thai. If you are looking for a small, traditional style Thai restaurant, Tusk is the place for you.


Lumes Pancake House

Lumes Pancake House is a local diner in Batavia. This restaurant serves breakfast and lunch and is known for its amazing Swedish pancakes and many other extraordinary dishes. Lumes Pancake House is a great way to spend your morning and fill up on wonderful food.



Doughocracy is a gourmet pizza place located in Geneva. This restaurant has a variety of different pizzas to choose from that are all made fresh in the store. The most popular pizzas are the classic margarita pizza and the Smokeshow pizza. Doughocracy has a very contemporary and welcoming feel that makes it a fun place to visit.


The Nobel House

The Nobel House is located in Geneva. This restaurant is an American style bar and grill with many different dishes. It is known for its marvelous mac and cheese and many different smoked types of meat. This restaurant is fairly new to downtown Geneva and has grown in popularity throughout the years.


The Burger Local

The Burger Local is a vintage style restaurant located in Geneva. This restaurant features its all-natural burger and many other diverse dishes. The Burger Local is meant to be a relaxing and low-key eating experience.


The Turf Room

The Turf Room is also a fairly new restaurant located in Aurora. It is an American style restaurant with a traditional romantic mood to the building. The Turf Room features a high-end wine bar with wine flights. This restaurant is very popular among adults and anyone looking for a nice night out.


Double Yolk Pancake House and Restaurant

Double Yolk is family friendly brunch diner located in Aurora. This restaurant features many different breakfast dishes. It is known for its “double yolk” eggs. Double Yolk incorporates the southern feel making it an enjoyable place to eat at.


Bulldogs/ North Island Deli

Bulldogs is an extremely casual American style restaurant located in Batavia. The restaurant serves the best classic American style food such as hamburgers and hotdogs. Bulldogs is a great place to go to grab a quick bite to eat with your friends.


Daddio’s Diner

Daddio’s Diner is small and retro style diner located in Batavia. This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day long. It was voted the No. 1 diner in the Fox Valley. Daddio’s Diner has amazing dishes that you will never forget.

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