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New TaylorMade Gapr offers options for any golfer

By Ari Fragen

Ever seen a rocket launch? The new GAPR from TaylorMade turns golf balls into absolute missiles. TaylorMade recently released three new clubs: the GAPR HI, MID, and LO, each corresponding with a golfer’s preference. They were designed to fill the club gap between hybrids and woods. All three models feature TaylorMade’s Speedfoam which is designed to increase ball speed and provide better feel. They also feature a speed pocket to increase clubhead speed.


Immediate reaction: The very first shot I hit with the GAPR HI felt okay. Although on off-centered strikes, the HI provides a good feel. TaylorMade didn’t lie about forgiveness. In fact, there may have been too much forgiveness. Whenever I missed the center, it almost always turned right, even on a toe-strike. Because of this, the HI is good for hitting high fades, but not for low draws. It takes too much work trying to turn the ball right-to-left.

The HI was designed for a higher-handicapped player who needs a club that features plenty of distance and forgiveness. It has the biggest head of the three and holds the most weight in order to help launch the ball into the air for those who struggle with that. Overall, I wasn’t blown away; to me, it just seemed like a hybrid and nothing else. It offers forgiveness like one and it looks exactly like it. High-handicappers should go for a cheaper hybrid that offers the same as the GAPR HI.


Immediate reaction: After a few shots with the MID, I realized it was the perfect fit in my bag between a wood and driver. Unlike the HI, I was able to work the ball in either direction as well as hit low and high shots. Into the wind, the ball rockets off the clubface and penetrates through the wind. Trying to work into a tight pin? It’s easy to hit a high fade, just as easy as the GAPR HI.

The MID was designed for mid to low-handicapped golfers looking for a club that can do a little bit of everything. The MID offers slightly less forgiveness and different shot shapes. It is easier to hit the ball low or high and left and right. To me, this MID is the best of the bunch and should be owned by anyone looking for a club that lets them maximize ball controllability. It’s a must own.


Immediate reaction: It only took me a few shots to realize the LO was the toughest to hit, but the most rewarding. Hit a ball in the center of the face to see a missile in live action. A Strike anywhere else will result in a significant loss of distance a wild golf ball.

The LO is for the low-handicap, high skilled golfer. If you don’t consistently compete and play well in pro and top amateur tournaments, don’t buy this club. It is very hard to be consistent with it because it offers very little forgiveness. TaylorMade claims the GAPR LO is different from a typical driving iron, but I didn’t notice that. The LO has the same loft and ball flight and is difficult to hit. Like I said earlier, only buy this if you are good enough to hit it, or else the results won’t be positive ones.

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