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REVIEW: “A Star is Born” is a must see

By Emma Kielion

A Star is Born puts the viewer deep into their feelings. Not a dry eye will leave the theatre after that film. Everyone is raving about this movie and many will even see it for the second time because it is definitely a must-see film.

Everyone should see A Star is Born at some point whether it is in theatres or when it comes out on DVD.

This movie not only shows true love and how happy it makes people, but it also shows pure tragedy and devastation. This movie keeps the audience guessing throughout, keeping them wondering what could possibly happen next. This movie is a remake and just as effective as the original. Rotten Tomatoes rated the film a 90 percent and the audience rated it 82 percent. Overall the film is directed very well and the makeup is very strong in making the theme more effective. There was a variety of angled shots and cuts that helped embody the love story. The significance behind the lack of makeup enhances the raw emotions and allows the film to be more relatable for the viewers. The main characters Lady Gaga (Ally) and Bradley Cooper (Jack) both accomplished great things. Bradley worked with a vocal coach for about 1.5 years before filming for this movie. All singing in this movie was done live, making the singing scenes more powerful.

As a result of seeing the movie several times, I have come to the conclusion that everyone needs to see A Star is Born before they die. The message it sends needs to be learned by all. This movie will touch all hearts.

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