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Interact club raises more than $1,000 for African school

By Lily McLaughlin and Isabella Helm

As one of the many clubs at Batavia High School, Interact club is an international club that is based on helping others in need. Interact club participates in fundraisers and volunteers for events in their community.

Interact club is a daughter club to the Rotary service. The Rotary service is also an international club where people come together to help the community. They rake leaves, set up for marathons, and much more. Together these clubs do things for the community.

One thing Interact club does is a fundraiser for Noah’s Ark Hands-on Training Center every year through Fannie May Candy. This year the club has raised over $1,000. This fundraiser allows the community to help disabled children in Entebbe, Uganda.

“With every $450 we raise we can sponsor a child for the entire year,” said Austun Savitski, a teacher at BHS and the sponsor for the club. “Our sponsorship includes all of the food, clothing, shelter, and educational needs of the child for the year.”

Interact club is also a way to get involved locally too, such as, in your school and community. They have helped set up for marathons, hosted game nights, raked leaves for the elderly, ran concessions at home football games and made dog toys for local shelters. One of the many events Interact club is involved in is volunteering for the Mother’s Club Craft Fair. Interactors helped vendors set up and put away their craft booths.

Interact club also appeals to kids from freshman to senior. The club has many members from each grade level. It helps kids get comfortable at the high school and make new friends.

“It’s a great way to meet new people and have fun while doing good things for the community,” said Samantha Lewis a freshman and also a member of Interact club.

Aside from helping kids meet new people Interact has some requirements to be involved in the club. These include completing two service projects each month and attending two meetings, either before school or after.

“We pride ourselves on being an open and accepting community that just happens to be made up by people that enjoy helping others.” Said Madelyn Coleman, Vice President of Interact club.

Through these requirements, they hope to get kids out and involved in their community. Their goal is to get kids out into the community and to accept everyone in the community.

Interact club ’s goal is just to help people in the community, school, and even on another continent. Interact always says, “Service above self.”

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