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School dress code rivalries

There has been talk that schools should use dress codes. Students have decided if they either like dress codes or not. Graduated student Bri Dorpat states her opinion on dress codes

Bri: “Dress code is important to schools. It makes sure there are no revealing clothes in school. It eliminates any inappropriate clothing or clothing that would bother someone.  Because personally, I don’t want to see any body parts hanging out.”

Ethan: “But at the same time then you have no way to stand out because all school uniforms are the same. Every person looks the same. People like to dress as they want to dress. I understand some restrictions, but a school uniform or anything close to that is a bit much.”

Bri: “Personally, when I was in high school, I liked my school uniform at Aurora Central Catholic high school uniform. I had felt more welcomed by everyone because of this. Which led me to meet more people I got along with. The uniform made it easier to feel better about myself.”

Ethan: “Wearing uniforms takes away from your identity, leaving you just a blank canvas that no one notices. Everyone has their own look. With clothes you enjoy, you will be happier. It will help you stand out from the crowd. Also, schools without uniforms can regulate what we can wear. So why would we need a school uniform if this was the case?”

Bri: “I honestly don’t believe that we will see eye to eye on this. I think that you had good points, but I think I had good points, too. We may not see eye to eye, but we can at least agree to both having pros and cons. So let us say we are both entitled to our own opinions.”

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