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OPINION: Why Kaitlin Bennett is a terrible interviewer

By Aubrey Rupp

Kaitlin Bennett has been extremely popular on apps like Twitter and Tiktok for her interesting interviewing skills. She is a strong anti-abortion and pro-gun activist and bases her questions often off that. Bennett goes around college campuses and asks people questions for her Youtube channel, Liberty Hangout. 

A video that she posted in 2019 recently went viral where she asked students from the University of Kentucky questions about transgender bathrooms. Just by watching a few of her interviews it is obvious that Bennett is completely inappropriate when it comes to interviewing. She’ll ask someone a question and when she doesn’t get the response she wants she’ll get defensive and start asking more one-sided questions. 

In her “College students have no morals” Youtube video that went viral she said, “Well what if there was room in the budget to put tampons and pads in the men’s restroom for men who have periods?” The person she interviews replied with “If there’s room in the budget.” Bennett wasn’t a fan of this response so she then says “Do you see a problem with me asking you about men having periods?” The student said to her, “I mean it’s a college campus, there’s a lot of ideas to share.” Irritated by the fact that this student won’t agree with what she is saying, she said: “What is a period?” This interview is cut off with the student looking extremely uncomfortable. This interview is a good example of how inappropriate an interviewer she is. This question had nothing to do with what they were talking about and she only brought it up to make her feel as though she is in the right.

In another video that was posted on Kaitlin Bennett’s Youtube Chanel titled “Kaitlin Bennett’s Craziest Encounters with Liberals,” she says some extremely offensive stuff, especially in her first clip. Bennett walks to a girl who is changing at what seems to be some sort of march. The girl yells “HO HO” into Bennett’s microphone for which Kaitlin Bennett immediately pulls away saying “She’s gonna eat it” and then proceeds to shove the microphone back into the girl’s face. This is incredibly disrespectful and is an unethical interviewing strategy. 

Kaitlin Bennett is an extremely disrespectful interviewer that asks inappropriate questions while interviewing. If they don’t agree with her she’ll lash out and say offensive things that have little to do with what’s going on in the interview. Bennett is an interviewer with poor morals whose only goal is to start a fight with people who don’t agree with her. This isn’t what the goal of an interview should be and so Kaitlin Bennet is an inconsiderate person and uncivil interviewer.

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