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Anthony Guido: Artist of The Week

By Irulan Riley

The Spectator had the pleasure of interviewing Anthony Guido, our artist of the week. Anthony has made several art pieces and has developed a unique sense of style. 


Q: What are your pieces about? 

A: “How people emotionally work together. It’s like human relationships, how we perceive each other and how we may use people or others use us.” 


Q: Where did you find the inspiration for your art?

A: “Dark concepts of the mind. What it means to be a good person and a bad person. My ideas come from people using others for self-gain. How we as people are selfish and use others.” 


Q: How would you describe your artistic process? 

A: “It starts with me thinking about social situations I’ve been in and how I react to them. My art is about how I or others react in certain situations.” 


Q: What do you like to do for pre-work? (sketches, writing, planning, etc.) 

A: “I do lots of sketchbook work, like writing and drawing. I think about symbolism and certain objects to relate my situations to and I put those in my pieces.” 


Q: How do you choose the media you’re going to work with? 

A: “Materials that give a feeling to the story I’m trying to tell. My materials help to convey the story to the viewer and help them connect to my art.” 


Q: What kinds of media do you like to work with?

A: “I like to work with clay a lot because it’s a more flexible material and easy to work with.” 


Q: How would you describe your art style? What would you like to make?

A: More disturbing-to-the-eye pieces. I want people to feel messed up when looking at my art, because my art portrays how we, as humans, are messed up.” 


Q: Are you considering going into art as a career? 

A: “Yes. I have not decided what career path in art that I’m taking. But I am going into the fine arts.” 


Q: Why do you make art? 

A: “I’ve done art my whole life. I think art runs in my family. Ever since I’ve done art I’ve really liked it. It’s a way for me to cope with certain situations. It’s like a form of therapy for me.” 


Q: What is your favorite thing about art? 

A: “I like building something up from the ground. I feel like people don’t get to do that a lot. Art is one of the only ways to do that.” 

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