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REVIEW: Surfaces’ new album is recipe for remedy

By Kelly Wenzel

Surfaces’ new album, Horizons, is a Ted Talk set to a rhythm that makes the listener want to get themself out of bed, dance, and reflect the attitude of the catchy song “Sunny Side Up.” Not only does this beautifully integrated string of songs preach messages that kids and adults alike need to hear, but the two main artists, Colin Padalecki and Forrest Frank, write their words with a flow which can’t help but make someone close their eyes and be transported into the sunshiney vibes of their album.

Horizons starts off with a little “warm-up” melody called “Rising. In a make-your-head-bob kind of way, this song sets up the scene for the rest of the record and gets the listener hyped up about the sound.  Surfaces’ is all about the hype. Even though the 12-song album dropped on Feb. 28 of this year, the duo released a few teaser songs to get people excited. In the later months of 2019, “Good Day,” “Bloom,” and “Keep it Gold” added to the band’s up-and-coming popularity. “Lazy”, released prior to Horizons in 2020, didn’t let the team down with its equally impactful success. 

While Horizons and Surfaces’ two previous albums, Surf and Where the Light is, are considered to be in the pop genre, I’d argue that they have spices of soul, gospel, and hip-hop. It’s an unusual blend of music tastes that goes perfectly together. Their rebellious music ideas don’t stop there. Song number three of this hot-drop, “Good Day,” mixes the sounds of steel drums with a soundboard to produce a spunky and tropical pick-me-up song. If Colin and Forrest keep breaking the rules of music with this much finesse, they’re quickly going to climb their way up the top charts.

Every song is about love in a way, right? Well, Surfaces’ messages, especially in “Sunny Side Up” and “All Around,” stray from the status quo theme of romantic love, and focus on love for people as a whole. Lines like “I’mma take this love and spread it all around” make their art instantly magnetic to a person that’s in need of a different perspective. A perspective that sings about how having “good energy” is truly “the remedy.” It smoothly slides in the value of not only spreading kindness but also loving individuality and taking time to be “Lazy.”

Forrest Frank’s unique and gravelly voice paired with Colin’s musical talent create a dynamic duo that is the one big step for the #positivitymovement. The optimism sings to a number of people far higher than they could’ve ever imagined. For anyone going through a tough season or day, Horizons will give them a pat on the back, and let them know that it’s all going to be okay.

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