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BHS seniors miss out on their last months together

By Alexa VanderLuitgaren

Batavia High School seniors are missing out on so many “lasts”- their last prom, their last games, their last day to be students at BHS. They are missing their last month of school with their friends and the chance to say goodbye to their classmates. Many “last” adventures and end-of-year events will not happen because of the unprecedented Coronavirus that has plagued our community.

For many seniors, prom is a tradition that makes the last month of school so memorable.  It is their last dance and a night to look forward to and remember forever.  Another important “last” they will be missing out on is their sports. For most seniors, this year was their last season to play competitively. Unfortunately, the spring sports players will not be able to finish their last season as BHS athletes. 

Finally, students had no idea that March 13 would be their last day at the high school they called home for the past four years. It was their last day to be together as a class of 2020. 

“I am feeling sad because everyone in my class won’t get another day at BHS and we are missing out on a lot of things that make senior year so memorable- prom, rent a senior, graduation being in May, and getting to play my viola in a school concert before I have to return it,” said senior Victoria Ellis. “I am also going to miss getting to see everyone together before we all leave for college.” 

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