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Corona can’t stop BHS golfers

By Aidan Rydell

Batavia has had a fairly successful golf team over these past couple years but there’s always room for improvement. The offseason is when they have to prepare to be the best. Freshman Gavin Newkirk made a pretty big name for himself this year being a freshman on varsity and qualifying for sectionals. Sports are hard to practice for especially in a time of corona if you’re quarantined. Although, golf courses are still open meaning that if you’re willing to, you can go out and play. 

“With golf courses still being open I am playing every single day,” Newkirk said. “Also getting ready for upcoming tournaments.” 

This shows the good mentality the golf team has and they’re really even trying to get better when the circumstances aren’t exactly making the conditions perfect for that. The only problem for them trying to get better for next year is their in-season practices. Roddy Mackenzie from the BHS golf team said “We played a nine-hole course every day which was decent but not enough variation day to day.” 

To keep people interested in golf, BHS might want to find a more fun way to practice and maybe some more variation. The thing about golf that is cool is athletes don’t have to be the tallest, strongest, fastest person out there. They just have to be willing to put in the work and the repetition to become great at the game. 

“During this break, it seems that most people from the team are finding ways to go out, practice, and get better,” said freshman Roddy Mackenzie. I think this may say something about the team and also give a preview to what the next couple of years could be like for this gold team. If they continue to be willing to work this hard even during this pandemic, what could really stop them? Overall, this golf team is still going to courses individually and working hard even during quarantine.

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