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Improvements being made to BHS during e-learning

By Garret Sims

The Batavia Public School District 101 motto is “Always Learning, Always Growing,” and they take it to heart. Currently, the Batavia High School campus is undergoing several significant changes in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year. 

According to Jason Jakubaitis, a senior at the high school, upgrades are now underway to enhance the Batavia Fine Arts Center (BFAC). Jakubitis has been a student intern since 2016 and he explained the top surface of the stage floor is being replaced. This project had to wait until the school was no longer in use before work could begin.

“The stage floor needed to be refurbished after nine years of general wear and tear,” he said. “It’s going to be a fresh start for the next generation of students who will have their chance to make magic on the stage.”  

The BFAC also received a brand new, high-definition projector with multiple HDMI ports and the latest technology. 

“The old one was outdated for the type of events that we bring into the space, and it wasn’t bright enough. The updated projector will benefit both the student and community events,” said Jakubitis. 

The Batavia High School Main Gym is also undergoing restoration. The walls and ceiling were in need of fresh paint to cover multiple scuff marks and chipping due to constant use, and the entire gym floor is being replaced. Again, this required the students and faculty to be off-site before work could start.

“The floor was awful. It was buckling, warping, and worn,” said Jakubitis. “There were even places held down with tape because some of it was starting to come up. These renovations will definitely provide athletes and students a better experience, whether they are participating in an organized sport, or in their regular gym class.”

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