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Coronaviruses adds stress on future college students

By Gabi Pucher

Kaycee Reyes Ramirez is a Senior at Batavia High School. She is currently in the process of applying and being accepted to colleges. She currently has been accepted to two colleges and still has three colleges to hear back from. However, all of her colleges that she applied to are in the Northeast. She explained her process and feelings when it came to her college experience in Coronavirus times. 


Where are you planning on going to college? 

My top school is Syracuse University but all of my choices are along the east coast.


What are you planning to major in? 

I’m planning to major in undecided/liberal arts major because I’m leaning between film production and secondary math education. 


What are the added challenges/stress in picking a school so far away? 

I would say the even more added unfamiliarity than going to a local college, because you don’t just not know the college but you don’t know the area. As well as being completely alone and being separated from your parents and home. 


How did your family react to you picking a school so far away? 

My parents were a bit iffy because they wanted to keep me close to home but they were still supportive. My siblings were very supportive and wanted me to experience something new.


Was it a hard decision to go so far away with Coronavirus? And why? 

No, only because I have hope that by the time I go there, the situation will be better and I have been following all the restrictions in place. And I know the school follows all of the Coronavirus restrictions. I also didn’t want COVID to limit my options for schools. 


How has COVID affected your college application process? 

I would say that filling out the applications didn’t change too much except the fact that most schools became test optional. Regarding tours, only virtual tours are available and even though they are helpful it’s not the same as visiting the actual campus.


Were schools that made SAT testing optional beneficial to your application process? 

Yes, because I didn’t feel as limited in my choices of schools and making a certain score. It also took a lot of pressure off when I was taking the SAT and actually helped me get a better score. 


Are you still planning to live on campus with COVID still being present? 

Yes, I am because I am trusting the schools I apply to have strict restrictions in place to ensure students are there safely. 


What are your biggest concerns with going to college? 

Life wise, trying to support myself and taking care of myself on my own. Academic wise, choosing a major and not realizing until later that’s it not the right career path for me. 


Did COVID add any other concerns? 

Yes, in a more social aspect because we are not able to socialize as much. And it is a little concerning that I won’t be able to make friends and talk to others so easily. 

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