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Q&A: How has COVID affected you?

By Katherynn Ramirez

Has this time period been difficult for you?

Karinna Morfin: “Yes, as a student-athlete I look forward to my season, not being able to enjoy my season this past year has really taken a toll on me. Exercising on my own has been great but nothing is better than a coach or teammate working with you and pushing past your limits to get even better.”

Tatjana Litow: “In certain ways, yes. It was harder in the beginning when everything normal was suddenly taken away. I couldn’t go to school, see my friends, or even go out to the grocery store. Seeing the world in such a state really freaked me out. Suddenly being stuck in a house with people who I didn’t really get along with was definitely not how I had seen my year starting. Starting E-learning was challenging because nobody really knew what they were doing. I think that’s why so many people had doubts starting the new school year because the previous months had gone so poorly.”


What new things have you tried during COVID?

        Morfin: “During COVID I have tried multiple things to keep myself healthy during this time such as new diets and exercising on a daily basis. Some of the new diets I tried were vegetarian diets and some exercises I did helped me test my mental strength, as well.”


Have you changed anything about yourself during COVID (i.e. appearance, motivation, mindset, etc.)?

Morfin: “I think this time was a time to help everyone change, especially one’s mindset. This time has helped me learn how important family and spending time with them is. It also helped me become motivated during this free time to do something with myself, begin having a healthier diet, trying new hair colors, and become more creative on what to when not being able to leave home.”

Litow: “Mindset for sure. Precovid I had my mind in the wrong place. All I wanted was to be a skinny, popular girl. I wanted to be liked by everyone and if I got even the smallest hint that I wasn’t liked I would start to look down on myself. I was only really focused on how other people saw me and not my own personal happiness. Not being around other people as much really taught me to become my own person and accept who I am.”


Have you made new connections during this time?

Morfin: “This time has really shown what connections with people are really as strong as we once thought and which weren’t. I did lose many connections though this time but it strengthened the ones that really stayed there through the whole tough time.”

Litow: “Absolutely! COVID helped me reconnect with old friends and make new ones and I’m grateful for it!”


How has COVID impacted your life in a positive way?

Morfin: “COVID has impacted me in a great way, teaching me to put myself first and change my mindset on certain things, become a healthier person, become a more family-oriented person, and really treasure all the little things.”

Litow: “COVID really helped me see the importance in the little things. It also gave me time to myself so I could make myself a better person. Being with myself so much, I started focusing on what I liked and not what I would be considered ‘cool’ for liking. Covid really helped me improve my mental health and I think it really helped me learn to be grateful for what I have.”

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