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Covid-19’s effect on students

By Alyssa Hurley & Aubrey de Guzman

Ever since covid-19 started, it has brought major changes to students’ lives. A Q&A was formed for five Batavia High School students participating in the hybrid schedule: Sarah Hecht, a freshman; Brodie Pecor, a sophomore; And Kayla Brown, Emma Weirich, and Julia Neave, all juniors. Questions were asked in order to gain knowledge on the shift of lifestyles pertaining to both social and academic habits. 


Q:- “How has covid affect your school work ethic?”

Emma Weirich- It made me less interested in school and wanting to learn. Also made it harder to keep focus while doing online school, and overall just made it more challenging.”

Kayla Brown- “Covid affected my school ethic in every area. It made me less of a worker, not wanting to complete assignments, etc. My school work ethic around covid was more of a negative impact instead of a positive one.

Bordie Pecor- “It made me less focused on my work in class which made me do badly on my tests and bringing my grade down. It also made me stressed about how bad I was going to do on the next one, but I think that is a learning experience to get ahead of my work and not do badly on it.”

Julia Neave- “COVID has affected lots of aspects of my school ethic. I stay home and do school the whole junior year. It has canceled homecoming and possibly prom which I was looking forward to a little bit. I haven’t been able to see lots of my friends. I do like staying home and being with my pets but school was a little bit of an escape from parents and stuff and the fact that I stay home in my pjs until I have work isn’t very good.”

Sarah Hecht- “It affected my work ethic in a negative way because of e-learning and how on and off going to school to learn in a classroom environment was.”


Q:- “How did covid affect your family relationships?”

Emma Weirich-It made my family more tense at times when one of us was exposed to it or in large groups.”

Kayla Brown- “Became more annoyed with them, wanted to get out of the house more. Before, I wasn’t as annoyed but with seeing them every day, they became more bothersome.”

Brodie Pecor- “I think it made us come together more because we were at home more and spent more time with them.”

Julia Neave- “COVID has made my family go more in debt. At the beginning, it made us spend more time together and become closer to each other but now we are kind of sick of each other. There’s also only so much we can do together as a family.”

Sarah Hecht- “It affected our relationship negatively because we were with everyone all the time so we got sick of everyone.”


Q: “How did covid affect your mental state?”

Emma Weirich- “It made my mental health worse since.”

Kayla Brown- “It affected it a lot.”

Brodie Pecor- “It made me stressed about my grades and about stuff I can’t control.”

Julia Neave- “I’m not going to get too personal. I went into a really deep depression, though, and I lost lots of friends and I just kind of gave up on everything. I’m slowly starting to be happy, though.”

Sarah Hecht- ‘It affected my mental health very negatively. It was hard to handle all the schoolwork and everything in it was just draining me.”

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