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Environmental changes that happened during quarantine

By Leah Monroy

In March of 2020, quarantine hit everyone. Kids and adults had to stay home to prevent getting the new virus Covid-19. Quarantine means strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease. Everyone was advised to stay home. That means no spending time with friends, driving to the nearest store, or having fun parties. Adults who had certain jobs were exempt from staying home to go to work while following state regulations. 

Many stated the busiest of highways were clear and had rarely any cars. This had a positive effect on the environment. According to the nature website, Carbon emissions dropped by 7 percent due to quarantine. This effect is a result of this stay-at-home order. Carbon dioxide emissions are human sources such as burning coal, oil, and gas, this is the primary cause of the rising concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Stasia says, In 2019, the US emitted around 5,130 million electric tons of carbon dioxide. The effect on the environment may be short-lived due to stay-at-home orders being lifted as well as the Covid vaccine in the process of being distributed.

In China, nitrogen dioxide has been reduced. Nitrogen dioxide is emitted primarily through burning fossil fuels. Like the U.S., China permitted a stay at home order that reduced the use of transportation. Before, masks were primarily worn due to high levels of nitrogen dioxide. It was very unhealthy to breathe, although, some areas of China have yet to improve and bring covid cases down.

The drop in industrial activities affected the U.S., China, and Italy. During the stay-at-home order, waters in Venice, Italy cleared. Before the stay-at-home order hit, the waters were murky. Now the waters are noticeably more clear. The seaweed is viewable in the canals. Along with the water, many residents have stated the air is less polluted. 

In all, the stay at home order overall helped the environment bounce back. Before covid hit everyone, it was struggling. Air pollution in the U.S. along with China is a problem. This showed that humans are endangering the earth. In the future, hopefully, there will be areas where we can improve and help the earth and stop it from faltering.


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