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OPINION: The importance of extracurricular activities

By Sofia Bellafiore

Extracurriculars have always been an important aspect of any school setting. Any activity that is not directly related to school would be considered an extracurricular. They allow students to do things that they love without the pressure of earning a good grade. Here at Batavia High School, there are for students to try new things and expand their horizons; new ideas are extracurriculars are created every day. . It may be difficult for students to make new friends in a classroom setting, but extracurricular activities can provide a comfortable social setting. It is important for extracurricular activities to be available for students because they can relieve the stress that school puts on students, allow social growth, and teach life skills that are not included in any curriculum. 

There is so much more to extracurricular activities than meets the eye. The schools that have impressive extracurriculars stand out because they provide the most opportunities. Things like student government, debate teams, and culture clubs are all examples of complex extracurricular activities. Other special activities such as language club or guitar club can create a safe space for students to expand their knowledge. Whether extracurriculars are directly related to school or not, they can positively affect a student’s performance. School can be a very consuming place if students are not allowed time to relax. Every individual has a different living situation, and some people are only surrounded by the school and their families. When students can meet after school for sports or a club, they are all given the opportunity to be distracted from any worries.

Partaking in extracurricular activities is very important and beneficial to students. They can improve academic performance and encourage kids to reach out of their comfort zone. Students often meet their peers who share similar interests during after-school activities. Students often find school ‘boring’ because they are not exposing themselves to the enjoyable hobbies that come from being a student. 

Time management can be difficult for some students, but being involved in extracurriculars can help students to improve that. 

There are some disadvantages to extracurricular activities. For instance, the cost of certain sports and clubs can be very expensive. Extracurricular activities are not easily accessible for many families, but that is why a lot of schools provide financial support so that every student can be taken care of. It is important for students to be involved in extracurriculars because they can improve a college application or teach important life skills. Some examples could be understanding personal awareness towards others, speaking skills, or learning how to work as a team. 

Extracurriculars are extremely important for students because they positively distract from the school setting while helping students improve their mental health. It is necessary that growing kids are exposed to positive environments where they can be themselves.

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