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REVIEW: ‘Petals For Armor’ a successful first solo album for Williams

By Amanda Schmelder

Petals For Armor is Hayley Williams’ first solo album. She is the lead singer of the pop-punk band Paramore. This album was released during their hiatus after the album After Laughter was released in 2017. During the first week of its release, Petals For Armor was 18th on the US Billboard 100 and sold 22,000 copies. 

In this solo album, Williams explores themes that aren’t present in Parmore’s discography. She explores themes that aren’t usually seen in the male-dominated genre of pop punk, such as femininity and growth. 

The songs blend well with each other, keeping the same feel throughout. It starts with “Simmer,” which sets up the rest of the album with its upbeat rhythm. This continues throughout the album, with the exception of “Why We Ever” and the last song, “Crystal Clear,” both of which are slower than the other songs.

The album consists of 15 songs, which can get a bit repetitive. But overall the album flows well throughout the three sections, exploring the themes successfully.

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