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REVIEW: The Weeknd’s halftime performance, while misunderstood, was not to be missed

By Aubrey de Guzman and Alyssa Hurley

The Weeknd performed at the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 7. The Weeknd is a male singer who is 30 years old. He has won nine Grammys and has been nominated 37 times. Lately, it has been on news, memes are being made, and jokes are floating around regarding the performance. There are lots of mixed feelings on the show but people don’t truly understand the background of it all.

Take the time to watch the halftime show, but keep certain things in consideration before having an opinion. It was interesting to watch because deeper messages were hidden within the show that some may not understand watching it the first time through.

Throughout the show, The Weeknd’s backup dancers had wrapped bandages around their heads. While this may be confusing or pointless to others, this, of course, had a deeper meaning.

The significance these bandages had was to show the ludicrous culture of Hollywood celebrities and people changing themselves for shallow reasons. 

It seemed as though the artist had gotten plastic surgery when his bandages were removed but this was all part of his performance. This confused many members of the audience because they were unsure if this was real or not. The plastic surgery on his face ended up being fake and was used to exaggerate the symbolism of false reality of Hollywood stars. 

Not only did the plotline confuse others, but the quality itself stirred up some controversy. There were lots of complaints about the audio quality. Many thought the singer himself was great, but the quality of his mic just got messed up and ruined his hard work put into the show. 

The Weeknd’s performance was outstanding due to the preparation, plotline, and messages within the halftime show and he did not deserve the hatred and teasing over social media from the viewers that did not put everything into consideration. While watching the 2021 halftime show next time, understand everything that was put into the making of this cinematic performance!

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