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Top 5 safest states to visit for spring break

By Aubrey de Guzman

Staying safe is the top concern for Americans during these tough times. The U.S. states to visit during spring break have been numbered based on safety. Things that were put into consideration were vaccination rate, testing rate, hospitalization rate, death rate, and transmission rate. Other issues to keep in mind would be travel restrictions. The state restrictions put on public gatherings can hinder families to experience the best spring break possible. Activities were also considered to ensure a fun visit.


  1. Alaska

Alaska is the number one U.S. state with the highest vaccination rate. Entering from another state, travelers must arrive with proof of negative COVID-19 test results, or asymptomatic travelers are able to receive a test upon arrival and follow strict social distancing until results arrive. All individuals are required to wear face masks and maintain six feet distance. Indoor gatherings with consumption of food is limited to 10 people. Restaurants, bars, gyms, recreational centers, and indoor entertainment centers are limited to 50 percent occupancy. A fun, covid-friendly activity to do while in Alaska is dog sledding.


  1. Hawaii

Hawaii has the lowest positive testing rate in the U.S. There is a 10-day self-quarantine requirement along with negative test results prior to coming to the Hawaiian Islands. Dine-in is permitted at restaurants but only at 50 percent capacity. No more than five people per party are allowed in entertainment centers. By following these precautions, travelers are still able to enjoy this beautiful island by surfing, hiking, snorkeling, and more!


  1. North Dakota

North Dakota has the second lowest hospitalization rate, fourth-lowest positive testing rate, and fourth highest vaccination rate. For domestic and international travels, testing is recommended 1-3 days beforehand. Negative results are required. Bars and restaurants are open to 50 percent capacity with normal hours. A safe, outdoor activity is hiking. 


  1. New Mexico

New Mexico has the second-highest vaccination rate. Non-essential travel is not recommended and should be limited to what is necessary for work and family. A 14-day quarantine is not required but strongly advised along with a covid test as soon as possible. A face mask must be worn by all visitors and residents and any violators will be faced with a $100 fee. This excludes the time it is off when drinking, eating, or due to any medical instruction. Outdoor activities are open with a limited capacity and reservations required. Visiting state parks is a fun idea to do while in New Mexico as long as a reservation is made beforehand. 


  1. South Dakota

South Dakota has the third-highest vaccination rate. No travel restrictions are put in place. All entertainment centers and outdoor attractions are open with limited capacity upon reservation. This leaves fishing, hiking, and hunting great options to do while in this safe state!


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