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Which cookie is best: Sugar or Chocolate Chip?

By Hailey Adams

For many years I have heard people debating which cookie is better, but everyone knows that chocolate chip cookies are way better than sugar cookies. 

Chocolate chip cookies taste amazing straight out of the oven whereas sugar cookies don’t taste as good. Both chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies take the same amount of cooking time, but the prep time is different for both cookies. It takes about nine minutes of cook time for both cookies. The chocolate chip cookies take 11 minutes to prep whereas sugar cookies only take six.

One of the problems with sugar cookies is the batter has to be just right. It takes longer to beat and mix the ingredients together than it does for the chocolate chip batter. It is easier to vary the chocolate chip batter consistency.

Chocolate chip cookies can be changed up and made your own. Many different ingredients can be added to chocolate chip cookies such as extra chocolate chips, vanilla extract, and m&m’s. Sugar cookies are harder to change up the recipe. All sugar cookies have the same taste and unless the recipe is changed, then it doesn’t taste as good.

Chocolate chip cookies can have multiple other foods it can be paired with such as ice cream, milk, Nutella, chocolate fondue, and chocolate candies whereas sugar cookies only taste good with frosting.

In the end, you can do so much more with chocolate chip cookies than you can with sugar cookies. Even though chocolate chip cookies take more prep time, in the end, they also taste better. Chocolate chip cookies are able to have the recipe changed up, add different ingredients to it, and do many more things with the chocolate chip cookies.

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