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REVIEW: Swift’s new song does not disappoint

By Grace Bennett

Taylor Swift announced a new song featuring country singer Maren Morris two days before its release on March 26. ‘You All Over Me’ is a track that is from the vault that is from her second album. It has a very country vibe to it, just as it should. It’s very nostalgic and definitely feels like the old Taylor everybody knew and loved. Don’t get me wrong, Taylor’s new era of a more indie/pop vibe is still my favorite but it’s fun to see a little bit of country music coming from her nowadays. 

Taylor is re-recording all of her albums since her record label sold it. So far she has released ‘Love Story (Taylor’s Version)’ and ‘You All Over Me (Taylor’s Version)’ and both songs are opposites. “Love Story” is obviously a song about a love story and it’s very happy; whereas “You All Over Me” is very sad. 

The lyrics at the beginning say “I lived, and I learned. Had you, got burned. Held out, and held on” signaling that she wrote it about a relationship that ended but there was no control over anything that was happening. 

In the next verse it reads “The best and worst day of June, was the one that I met you.” Basically the song is saying that it was a bittersweet moment when she met this love interest. Or maybe it was good at first, but it got worse as time went on and she realized that it would be better if they never met. 

She finished the beautiful song off with lyrics: “Were never really meant to be. So I lied, and I cried. And I watched a part of myself die. ‘Cause no amount of freedom gets you clean. I’ve still got you all over me. I’ve still got you all over me. Still got you all over me” It’s said that the relationship was never meant to be, and you can see in the next two lyrics that no amount of freedom gets you clean. So maybe this is her saying that she didn’t have enough freedom? Was her love interest too controlling? And it seems as though she can’t stop thinking about him because he’s everywhere. 

Overall, the song is amazing. It has a lot of really good parts with perfect bridges. It’s easy to understand and memorize because it’s a little repetitive but in the best way possible. Taylor Swift and Marren Morris did an amazing job at performing this song, and it’s written perfectly.

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