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Ways to stop procrastinating

By Amanda Schmelder

Procrastinating is normal, many people do it. But there are a couple of different ways that might help to stop procrastinating and improve productivity. The first step is to recognize you are procrastinating. Then you can find out why and try these different strategies that might help.

  1. Time work period and give yourself a break: Timing yourself and knowing when the work period is done will help improve your productivity since you know when you will get a break. Giving yourself a break is important not only for productivity but also for mental health.
  2. Setting small goals: Creating a to-do list will help you plan out what you want to achieve and in what order. It will help you visually see what needs to be done and help you stay more organized. Completing these small tasks makes you feel accomplished and satisfied.
  3. Having deadlines: Setting strict goals for when assignments should be done will force you to work on assignments and helps prevent pushing assignments off until the last minute.
  4. Work on assignments as soon as possible: This prevents work from piling up and getting in the way of other long-term assignments. Last-minute work is never as good as work that was done early on with a lot of time to perfect it.
  5. Complete harder assignments first: This makes completing the other assignments easier and the assignment won’t be saved for last, where it will seem much harder to complete.
  6. Organize and remove distractions: Having an organized workspace free of distractions like your phone will make you more productive. Distractions will only cause you to get sidetracked and push off your assignments until later.
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