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NEWS: BHS returning to in-building learning

By Hailey Adams

With CDC guidelines changing, it accommodates schools to let children go in full time. School schedules and rules have been changed and put in place. With only two months left of school, it is a big change.

Many CDC guidelines have changed and now require a 3-foot social distance. It allows more students to be in the same room along with students being able to share a desk. Along with letting the students be in the hallway at the same time.

“I know there is a new rule of three feet. I feel like that’s fine in small groups but I feel like, in larger groups or classrooms, it is a little too close for now,” said Katelyn Bonnet, a freshman at Batavia High School. 

Teachers have to be more alert to students wearing masks properly causing another stress on teachers. The teachers already have to teach the students in person and at home. Teachers have to talk louder so students at home and in-person can hear the teacher. 

There are many concerns put into place. One of the many concerns is the way teachers will be teaching. The teacher’s focus is split between people at home and in person. The teacher also has to make activities that work for both students at home and in person. Teachers have to find a way to keep students engaged and accommodate them at the same time.

Hybrid was one of the popular choices for coming into school before spring break. It allowed students to go in and stay home every other day. There was less contact between students and it made them excited to go in.

“I would like to go back to school full capacity but this year, I feel it is unnecessary. There are only about two months left of school and I have been fine with hybrid learning,” Bonnet said. 

Batavia High School has kept a half-day schedule going. The half-day schedule allows students to eat at their houses and finish their school work at home. This helps the school stay distanced when eating. Teachers are also available during lunchtime and after to give students help.

“I enjoy the half-day schedule. It is easier and I can eat whatever I want at home for lunch as opposed to a lunch I would bring to school. I also like it because I can get help from teachers after school with homework through a google meet,” Bonnet said.

With going back to school full time a lot of things have changed for the good and bad. Batavia High School is getting into a set routine, people can meet the other half of our class, and have a chance of doing more in-person activities. There are some concerns with going back all in person right after spring break, such as covid numbers rising, students’ health and energy levels, and having a smaller social distancing number. There could be a possible risk with going back to school every day but it is one step closer to the end of covid.

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