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NEWS: Batavia prom an opportunity for normalcy for ’21 graduating class

This year, at Batavia High School, it was known that prom would be cancelled for the second year in a row due to the Covid-19 restrictions put into place.  Instead of putting it off again, student council created an event so that students can remember a special night before graduation. 

According to the BHS website, there will be a prom event on Sat., May 8 and groups of seniors will be given 90-minute time slots to enjoy their night.  Instead of an expensive ticket, the cost is only going to be $20 and formal wear is optional.  Due to Covid restrictions, the prom event will be constructed in a way that gives seniors less freedom and more structure.  The event will consist of music, food, and even a mind reader. 

The food being provided will be from food vendors in the area.  During this time it is important for people to be sticking together and BHS is doing so by using their resources and doing everything they can to stay positive.  Along with this, the event is now planned to be outside so that students are kept as safe as possible.

  Shelby Gajos, BHS P.E. teacher and Assistant Athletic Director for Activities, gave some input about this upcoming event because she was in charge of a lot of its progress as the Activities Director. 

There has been a prom every year and there was no question that prom was going to be worked through if there was a chance that the student council could plant this event.  Although it is unknown at this time, Mrs. Gajos said “We are hoping that many seniors attend.”  It may not be the year that everyone anticipated but the school is hoping it comes out to be the best it could possibly be for seniors this year.   

Any events or activities that we are doing take more planning and out of the box thinking,” Gajos said. “We are excited to have this event for our seniors!”  

This year at Batavia has been full of ups and downs but BHS is making a conscious effort to do the best they can and make this final prom something to remember for seniors.

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