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OPINION: Ballet is the best dance style

By Hailey Adams

Ballet is the best style of dance. It might be the hardest and it takes a lot of control but it is still the best style of dance. It helps grow technique for other styles, learn musicality, and gain muscle, control, and flexibility.

Ballet is the base for all other styles of dance. It is where dancers gain technique, core strength, and musicality. Dancers gain technique to help make the other styles look pretty and clean. Ballerinas can control the way they look and look strong. Without ballet, dances would not look as clean.

Ballet helps with posture. Dancers learn how to hold their bodies upright. It teaches them to stand tall and be confident. When standing up tall, ballerinas learn not to hunch. When you are older there is less of a chance of getting back problems from your position. Other styles such as tap and hip hop have tons of hunching over which is bad for your back and can cause injury.

Another way Ballet helps with preventing injury. Dancers gain lots of different strengths in your core, back, legs, and arms. Along with strength, they gain flexibility. With flexibility and strength, ballerinas can do the other styles of dance and prevent injury. Ballerinas also gain strength to do the other styles strong. 

Ballet gives ballerinas a good memory. Ballerinas have the ability to pick up different combinations at the barre and center really quickly. If they don’t know the combinations, they can be lost. It helps you memorize different dances. With good memorization skills, it gives everyone the ability to learn and memorize different dances in all styles. 

If you are a competitive person and love to compete, ballet gives dancers the technique for a chance to win. Technique at competitions is the biggest category for points. Without technique, the chances of winning are very low. 

The dancer’s endurance needs to be very strong. Ballet helps with that. Ballerinas are able to get enough endurance and strength to do multiple jump combinations. With endurance, you are able to perform many different dances and routines.

Ballet is by far the best style of dance. It helps with all the other styles of dance. Without ballet, none of the other styles would have been created. It also helps dancers execute the other styles perfectly. You can carry your ballet training to all the other styles of dance.

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