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OPINION: Fruit is the best summer time snack

By Hailey Adams

Fruit is the best summertime food. The summer heat can make everyone sweaty and thirsty. It is not only refreshing to have on a hot summer day, but it also helps keep everyone hydrated. Fruit is a fun way to help everyone stay full and get something sweet to eat.

Fruit is a great way to get in the daily dose of water during the summer. All fruit is in season and can be found in almost any store. People can also get in their daily dose of fruit during the summer.

“‘Consuming fruit can be a sweet way to boost nutrition and help contribute to your body’s overall fluid needs,’ says Kara Lydon, RD, the Boston-based owner of Kara Lydon Nutrition and The Foodie Dietitian blog.” 

Fruits can be made into a sweet summer treat, as well. People can add whipped cream to strawberries, peaches, blueberries, and raspberries. Along with whipped cream, people can also add chocolate sauce, yogurt, and cream cheese dips.

Fresh fruit can be made into popsicles for a frozen treat. It is very easy to make and taste wonderful for all ages.

Fruit can be brought to any summer fun event. It can be stored in a small container in a cooler or even in a backpack. It can be frozen before the freezer before leaving the house to stay colder for a longer time. It doesn’t have to be super cold to enjoy it!

People don’t need to buy whole fruits from the store! They can just buy pre-cut, even half or a fourth of a fruit. Buying pre-cut fruit is less of a hassle if someone doesn’t have good knife skills or the time to cut it.

People can make their own garden with fruit! They can plant seeds and watch all the work pay off into sweet, delicious food. Growing fruit in a garden can make it more delicious and special. When growing a garden, the fruit can be eaten at any time after it is ripe without worrying about going to the store. Fruit from the store is not as ripe and won’t last as long. 

Fruit is the best summer food. In summer it is at its ripest time. It is a fun way to stay hydrated during the summer and eat a sweet treat!

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