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Ranking 5 Seconds of Summer Albums

By Grace Bennett

5 Seconds of Summer has been making music since their first EP came out in 2012. They have continued to make music and tour throughout most of the nine years, with the exception of their small break from 2015 to 2018. The break was much needed and they came out of it with a whole new sound. That new sound may not technically be a good thing. The album at the top of the list is Sounds Good Feels Good.

Sounds Good Feels Good is the second album they created, and it came out right before their break. In my opinion, this album has the best sound and the best mix of songs. Some songs are so incredibly sad, especially when the listeners know what they’re about. Some songs have a happier feeling but they still have a deeper meaning. “Invisible” and “Broken Home” are songs that have the potential to break your heart. “Invisible” is about band member Ashton Irwin’s battle with depression and mental health. “Broken Home” is a song from the point of view of a girl watching her parents fight and how it’s taking a toll on her. “The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place” and “Fly Away” are happier sounding songs but while really listening to the lyrics, the deeper meaning shows up. This album has been my favorite since its release in 2015, and I think it will have the top spot for a while.

Next up is 5 Seconds of Summer. The self-titled album is the first to be released, and it came out in 2014 which was only a year before the release of Sounds Good Feels Good. This album has such good potential, but it’s one of their least popular albums for some reason. However, this album was the reason for their success. The hit song “She Looks So Perfect” was a major hit and is one of their most popular songs. Again, this album has an amazing variety of happy and sad songs. “Amnesia” and “Beside You” are similar yet different sad songs. They could be from the same love story and they have the same idea, but the sound of them is different. My favorite happy song is “18”. It’s one of their least popular songs, but it has so much potential to be one of the most popular. This album is overall amazing and has so many good aspects to it. 

Youngblood is kind of an in-the-middle album for me. Every song is either a hit or a miss. Some of the misses are “Moving Along” and “Youngblood”. They just aren’t my favorites and I really only listen to “Youngblood” when it comes on the radio. This album is mostly upbeat songs with two sad songs that usually kill my mood when I’m happy, so try not to listen to “Ghost of You” or “Lie to Me” while in a good mood. Those upbeat songs I mentioned are “Valentine” and “More”. A lot of the songs sound the same, and I think it’s because they tried to make an album that would be more likely to be popular and played on radio stations rather than what their fans really want to hear. One song that seems happy, but actually has heartbreak-worthy lyrics is “Why Won’t You Love Me”. The title speaks for itself. Overall, this album isn’t exactly my favorite, but it’s not the worst.

Their most recent album Calm was not my favorite. If this is what their music is going to sound like now, I can deal with it but I might get tired of it and rely on the older albums for the good songs. The best songs in my opinion are “Lonely Heart,” “Best Years,” “Not In The Same Way,” “Best Years,” and “Wildflower.” I am less likely to skip those songs rather than the other ones on the album. I’m going to be honest, “Easier” is a complete mess and it’s something that I wouldn’t have to skip because it’s not even on my playlist. This album is the biggest example of them trying to fit the social standards for their music, hopefully, because of their management who they have since parted ways with. Maybe with a new manager, their music could be truly themselves. Maybe, maybe not. Some of my favorite songs off of this album remind me of the older songs, especially “Wildflower.” Some ones that I might keep on if I’m in the mood are “Thin White Lies,” “Lover of Mine,” and “Old Me.” Band member Luke Hemmings actually wrote “Lover of Mine” with his girlfriend Sierra Deaton, who used to be in the duo, Alex & Sierra.

Every album is different in some way, so there’s something for everyone whether it’s a certain song or a whole album. 5 Seconds of Summer is currently in the process of writing their fifth album, which could have a completely different sound than all of their previous albums. All of the albums are amazing, and they put so much work into every song but some aren’t my favorites. 


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