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REVIEW: ‘Soul’ a family-friendly movie that shouldn’t be missed

By Hailey Adams

Soul was a movie that came out in December that portrays a sweet message. The middle school band teacher, Joe, meets a friend named 22 who helps him realize the importance of earth. 

With the message behind Soul, families should definitely see the movie Soul. It helps everyone understand the meaning of life.

Joe understands the meaning of life after he realizes his dream is not what he wants. He has a lifelong dream to be in a jazz gig. When he is finally getting close to his dream, he comes across many problems. When solving his problems he meets a friend named 22. 22 helps show Joe the importance of life.

The characters develop a ton through the movie. Both characters have a mindset on the world and when they meet each other they show the world from their perspective. It helps each character realize what they are missing.

The colors in the scene help realize what each character misses. When Joe is shown the world from a different view the colors are darker and gloomier. When 22 is shown the world from a different view the colors are bright. The colors help the background of the show come together. The colors in Soul really help bring out the message from each character.

Families should watch the movie Soul for a good laugh, along with teaching the viewers the importance of life. The movie also helps teach viewers that some people take life for granted. Every detail in the movie is thought through and makes the movie come together. I would recommend watching the movie Soul.

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