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REVIEW: ‘Swordfish’ one of Batavia’s best

By Aubrey de Guzman

Swordfish is a contemporary sushi and grill restaurant that offers a wide and unique selection of sushi and other menu items. Going 17 years strong, the restaurant opened in the spring of 2004. It can be found on N Randall Road in Batavia. I was more than satisfied with my experience at Swordfish. 

Very shortly after we were seated, a waitress came by to give us menus and water. While we were looking, a birthday celebration was happening at the table behind us for a little boy. We then saw employees bringing in a dessert with a lit candle while singing happy birthday and giving him a balloon animal. I thought the balloon animal was a cute gift to give because it’s something I’ve never seen a restaurant give before. Anyone could tell it made the little boy happy and he enjoyed it. 

Even though we had made a reservation that night, we had to wait for a table for longer than I expected although the wait was worth it because the food was delicious. Before ordering, they brought spring rolls that they said were on the house. There were four, enough for one for each of us. In previous visits, they have given the table free sushi rolls, which makes me assume this is a regular thing they do. We ordered the beef fried rice, california roll platter, crunchy roll, and baby shark rolls. The wait for the food was a little long but understandable due to the packed restaurant. The crunchy rolls and beef fried rice were definitely my favorites. The California rolls had a peppery taste to it which I personally don’t like in my sushi. The presentation was very appealing with a flower at the corner of the plate and dry ice in small saucers on the plate. 

The staff was very friendly and welcoming. Our waitress for the night made lots of jokes with my friends and I as she served our platters. At the end of the night, they gave us a balloon animal for the fun of it. At our next dinner there, the same waitress remembered us and made the experience enjoyable as always. 

Swordfish never fails to disappoint. The customer service and food will leave you more than satisfied with your dining experience. It is the perfect place to get lunch or dinner with family and friends. With its convenient location to those who live in Batavia, it is easily accessible. Being one of the town favorites, it is definitely worth a visit.

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