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‘Swordfish’ Q&A

By Aubrey de Guzman

Batavia has lots of restaurant choices from fast food to formal sit-down restaurants. Swordfish is a contemporary sushi restaurant found on N. Randall Road in Batavia. Gabrielle Kuretsky is a BHS sophomore sharing her opinions on one of the town’s favorite places to eat. This gives insight into the customer service, food, and overall experience.


Q: Was the wait (for a table, food, and check) a reasonable amount of time?

A: “(That) depends. The last time I went there it took two minutes. Another time it took 20. Overall, it is nothing unreasonable.”


Q: Describe the service you received from the staff.

A: “The service I received from the staff was very satisfactory. The waitress was really kind and engaged with us a lot and I was constantly getting my water refilled so I had no complaints.”


Q: Did you find anything missing from the menu? Anything you felt should have been there, but wasn’t?

A: “No, there was not. The menu had lots of choices and I am looking forward to trying dishes I have not tried before.”


Q: Was the taste and presentation of your food satisfactory?

A: “Yes, the food tasted really good and the presentation was cool as it’s all served with dry ice for looks and wasabi and ginger to the side.”


Q: How were you greeted when you visited?

A: “The host welcomed us and was very friendly.”


Q: How often do you dine at Swordfish? 

A: “Fairly often. I only dine-in on certain occasions, but I get take out quite often.”


Q: Rate your overall experience at Swordfish and explain why you gave it that. Do you recommend others to eat there?

A: “I rate my experience at Swordfish a 9/10. One time I had to wait a long time to be served but the food is delicious and the employees are all very kind. I do recommend others to eat there.”

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