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OPINION: Guns. Should teachers have them?

By Ari Fragen There have already been 17 school shootings in 2018, and a staggering 290 since the deadly Sandy Hook school shooting in 2013. One of the more recent shootings, at Parkland High School in Florida, has sparked fiery

OPINION: Learning in the future

By Sophie Dominguez For the three and a half years I have been at Batavia high school, the clocks have always been between one and two minutes ahead of satellite time. They have never matched our phones, Chromebooks, or any

OPINION: Will UConn win another national championship in women’s basketball?

By Rachel Balsamo Many college basketball fans out there, like myself, have started to worry about the future of the country’s best Division I women’s basketball team, the UConn Huskies. The Huskies have been 1st in the American Athletic Conference

OPINION: What are the chances the Bulldogs win a second straight state football title?

By Luke Zahner The Batavia football team, the reigning IHSA 7A state champs, are looking to go back to back this year. With a 10-0 record and fourth seed in the playoff bracket, their chances are high. NBC sports, the

OPINION: BHS should eliminate plastic straws

 By Elizabeth Alholm and Caroline Hager Earlier this year, around 8.3 billion straws polluted beaches, around the world. Schools, businesses, restaurants, and even cities, such as Seattle, have since banned plastic straws. Batavia High School should be the next to

OPINION: American Sign Language should be option for students

By Grace Summers Here in the United States, American Sign Language (ASL) is the sixth most used language, and yet our school teaches an unofficial language, Latin. Our nation strives to push Americans to learn other languages so that we

OPINION: BHS parking passes too expensive

By Lily McLaughlin and Renee Forsyth Paying $176 a year for a  parking spot is an annoyance. Having the ability to drive yourself to school is one of many perks at the high school. Most kids would jump at the

OPINION: The truth about pit bulls

By Lynsey Kunert From looking through the eyes of a gentle canine or being able to stroke its soft fur, there never is a fear of losing the animal from their loyalty only to one person. But recently, there is

OPINION: Schools give too much homework

By Marissa Mirallegro and Ella Helfer Having too much homework can lead to pressure and stress to students. Schools give too much homework to students and they need to be aware of what it’s causing. “….over 50 percent of students

OPINION: School dress codes problematic for female students

By Kaycee Reyes Ramirez Dress codes are seen by some as a version of but they could be somewhat detrimental. There have been many reports of students all over the country being reprimanded for their choice of fashion in school.