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OPINION: Batavia High School should start later

By Mary Shields Do you find yourself fighting to keep your eyes open during your first block class?  Or even dreading hearing the sound of your alarm at the break of dawn? Well if so, you are not alone. The

OPINION: Circus, the worst show on Earth

By Cass Norville Since the release of the movie The Greatest Showman, the circus has been a very popular topic. Many people involved with animal rights have explained the cruelty that animals have suffered while being in the circus. Animals

OPINION: Fortnite’s popularity is warranted

By Anna Sandri and Savaughn Anderson Fortnite is a large, fast growing online game that came out in mid 2017. After its debut on July 25, Fortnite grew larger than anyone could’ve expected from such a new game. In the

OPINION: Are sports too important in Batavia?

By Koby Kett Within Batavia, sports are revered for their popularity and the students’ dedication. But what if it wasn’t everything that it’s said to be? What if sports were too important in Batavia? There are 23 individual sports in

OPINION: Racist town manager rightfully fired

By Yonglin Zheng Tom Kawczynski, the town hall’s top administrator in Jackman, Maine, has been fired for pro-segregationist remarks and bashing Islam. This has sparked outrage and it can be debated whether or not he should have been fired. Freedom

REVIEW: Odesza strikes ears, charts

By Bri Pierce Music is the most valuable aspect of life. When new music comes out it should be as praised as when a new President is inaugurated. Odesza’s new album A Moment Apart dropped Sep. 8, 2017. The album

OPINION: High school athletics remain important despite potential head injuries

By Allison Bleakley Between the years 2009-2014 a federal law was passed called “return-to-play.” According to Milken Institute School of Public Health, the return-to-play law indicates that athletes should immediately stop playing if a concussion is suspected. Players may return

OPINION: Extinction is coming fast

By Vanessa True Polar bears are dwindling at a faster rate than the world thought. Imagine a world where children would simply learn about polar bears as being a part of our history in the same category as dinosaurs and

OPINION: Healthy school lunches are a lost cause

By Emilee Ivan Schools across America have been trying to give healthy options to students at lunch. Our school is included in this attempted change. Over the years I have experienced many changes to the lunches served to students. However,

OPINION: Washington must abolish death penalty

By Rudy A. Mix The death penalty is a form of punishment so severe that it will end one’s own life. It is an unjust construct and should not be used, for taking someone’s life is by far the worst