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Top 5 fancy restaurants in Batavia area for Valentine’s Day

By Nicholas Klann

As that special day approaches, more and more people are looking for the perfect place to dine with the ones they love. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of connection and love between people, and the environment can play an important role in setting the mood. Here are the top five fancy restaurants in the Batavia area that are perfect for Feb. 14.

The Turf Room. Located in Aurora, this classy restaurant features a wide variety of wine, pasta, and seafood to cure anyone’s cravings. The appetizers ranged from calamari to cheese plates and even Korean duck wings for those adventurous diners. This restaurant has foods for the advanced palate and the perfect drinks to go with it. This place is perfect for date night.

The Patten House Restaurant and Bar. Located in Geneva and built in 1857, this historic restaurant features cajun cuisine and an outdoor patio perfect for summer nights. They also have cozy indoor seating for the cold months. This unique restaurant is great for a nice day out. This establishment also identifies as women-owned and LGBTQ+ friendly.

Flora’s. This award-winning Geneva restaurant has a variety of cheese and seafood to choose from. They also have an extensive selection of quality wine and beer, making them especially high-end. They even have local artists perform live music all in a romantic atmosphere. This place is perfect for a Valentine’s dinner.

FoxFire Restaurant. This chophouse won the Diner’s Choice award and the Best of the Fox award in 2019, proving it is a quality establishment. Its interior has a homey feel to it, and it also provides just the right amount of space to feel cozy yet not overwhelmed. With a menu that focuses on burgers and sandwiches, the restaurant has a wide variety of protein options to choose from. Dining here would certainly satisfy one’s hunger, and one is able to enjoy the atmosphere during the meal. Head on over to Geneva to dine at the FoxFire restaurant.

Niche. This restaurant is rated 4.8 stars out of five on Google. The customers love the rich flavors that are added by the excellent cook. One even said that Niche has “one of the best menus/cooks in the country.” The selection of drinks is known to be very high quality and diverse. This spot takes place in an old, historic Geneva post office, so the building holds a vintage aura. Niche is amazing for a dinner with that special someone.

Valentine’s day is coming up soon. There are plenty of restaurant options, but it’s important that the ones that are chosen are high quality and unique. This will help make the day something to remember. With these five restaurants, there is plenty of variety in food and aesthetics, and there is something for everyone. Whether it be Korean duck wings or steak, it’s guaranteed to be quality at these fine restaurants.

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