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Stoneberg teaches students to love tennis

By Isabella Helm It was what they hoped would be the last point. The two tennis players were at a score of nine to eight in the ultimate tiebreaker. With a swift forehand stroke, the Batavia player had won it.

Do BHS students use their lockers?

Students at Batavia were asked if they use their locker. Of those polled, 94 percent of the people asked answered no. It seems that the lockers assigned do not get used because students do not have the time to stop

Batavia stays Home Rule

By Luke Zahner and Jason Talbott In the midterm elections, Batavia residents voted to keep the Home Rule law that allows the city to make its own decisions, separate from the state. The ballot read “Shall the city of Batavia

FEATURE: Fantastic freshman Neibch helps carry basketball team

By Ellie Alholm The shoes squeak as the players hustle down the court. The Dog Pound chants loudly from the stands. Pom poms shimmer in the fluorescent lights. Freshman Kyle Neibch stops just behind the three-point line. Neibch shoots. He

OPINION: Are make-up snow days necessary?

By Grace Summers and Selena Lanham Whether it’s sunny and raining or snowy and gray, Batavia’s weather is dramatically shifting all the time. We’ve just about experienced it all. With a big, unexpected snowstorm on Nov. 25 and 26, Batavia

‘No Shave November’ raises record funds

By Isabella Helm Batavia teachers from the high school and middle school raised over $5,000 by not shaving for the month of November to raise money to help fight cancer. Batavia High School’s National Honors Society, along with the National

OPINION: Batavia’s busted bathrooms

By Ben Barranco and Emma Kielion Bathrooms are a necessity everywhere you go. You would think in a school where children spend an average of seven hours a day, the bathrooms would be cleaner and more accessible. Surprisingly, they almost

OPINION: The truth about pit bulls

By Lynsey Kunert From looking through the eyes of a gentle canine or being able to stroke its soft fur, there never is a fear of losing the animal from their loyalty only to one person. But recently, there is

Q&A: Holden feeling confident going into playoffs

By Selena Lanham It’s no secret that Batavia football has been in high gear. The high school football team has been on a winning rampage since the start of the season; according to the varsity football team they went into

Top 10 fun places to take kids around Batavia

By Sophie Dominguez Many high-schoolers have jobs as nannies or babysitters or have younger siblings. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been babysitting my brothers and thought to myself, “Wow, I wish I knew a good place I