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Kim Kardashian reminisces Marilyn Monroe

By Paige Blasi

Kim Kardashian loses 16 pounds in three weeks to fit in Marilyn Monroe’s historical dress. Monroe was known as an actress and model. She wore the dress while performing “Happy Birthday” for President John F. Kennedy at a fundraiser. This performance remains one of the most famous performances of all time. The form-fitting, sheer, rhinestone dress was known to be very scandalous at the time and became a historical fashion piece. Kardashian broadened the dress’s history by wearing it to the Met Gala, an annual fundraising event held for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. Although controversy surrounds if Kardashian should have even worn Monroe’s dress to the Met Gala, she was not causing any harm wearing this dress.

“The truth is Kardashian only actually wore the original dress for a matter of minutes,” Vogue Magazine said. “Given the fragile nature and historical value of the dress, she wasn’t about to take any chances.”

Since Kardashian only wore Monroe’s dress for mere minutes and changed into a replica for the rest of the event, this ensured that its historical value was not harmed. The owner of the dress, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, allowed Kardashian to loan the piece and try a replica on for sizing. The respect for the dress was kept well maintained and thought of. 

Wearing this dress to such a popular event brought light to Monroe’s name. Many in this generation did not even know about her performance for Kennedy. The talk about the dress reintroduced Monroe and how much a public figure she was in the 50s. By being such a household name, together they made even more history. Although Monroe has passed away, her name continues to be involved in the public eye.

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