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‘Letters to Sala’: a look inside the BHS play

By Joy Mazur Letters to Sala is a play focused on the Holocaust, and will be performed at the BFAC from April 19-21 with shows at 7:30 pm and matinees at 2 pm during the weekend– information and tickets are

Student athlete, Tori Ortiz, shares about her track career

By Hailey Holt Batavia High School has some of the most dedicated, hard-working athletes out there. Among the top student athletes, Tori Ortiz, is one who has been able to accomplish a lot over the past four years here, with

Top 10 spring fashion trends

By Mary Shields    Top 10 Spring 2018 Fashion Trends                                        Spring is here and that means new trends will come and old

10 types of friends in high school

By Joy Mazur High school friendships are often portrayed as being filled with drama and conflict, but that’s not always the case. Although we may not all have a friend like Regina George from Mean Girls, there certainly are different

Batavia’s genius hour program is genius!

By Emily Tratar Students prepare for the beginning of class; filing into the room, pulling out books, chatting with friends, snapchatting. When the bell rings, the teacher stands in the front of the room, bursting with energy. The students quiet

Ducoff devotes her life to school

By Elisa Reamer Kenna Ducoff, a senior at Batavia High School, sits in her bedroom for hours working on different projects.  She shakes in her seat at a club meeting, becoming more and more anxious for it to end. Ducoff

Movie quiz

By Emily Tratar Answer these questions and we’ll tell you which movie you should watch next When is the perfect time to have ice-cream? Once a week Never! I’m too busy for ice-cream. Always! When it’s someone’s birthday   What

BHS has a stroke (of paint that is)

By Emily Tratar Art students have been painting murals around Batavia High School these last few months to bring creativity and positivity to the students day. It was created by a group of students after petitioning for a grant during

Vantreek runs for the VTP class

By Elisa Reamer Claire Vantreek, a senior at Batavia High School, has organized a run/walk/roll event to raise money for the Vocational Transitional Program on April 15, 2018, at 1 pm at Batavia High School. The event costs $15 per

Q&A: Preziosio makes impact with VTP students

By Elisa Reamer Julie Preziosio is a special education teacher at Batavia High School. This is her first year teaching the Vocational Transitional Program (VTP) students but has also co-taught history, science, and English classes. Every day she is faced