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Batavia’s High School SAT Prep

By Izabellla Punzio and Addison Brown

The Batavia students argue that they didn’t have enough time to prepare for the SAT. BHS students took the SAT on April 10th. Many students are saying that BHS hasn’t prepared them the way they think BHS should’ve. 

Students were explaining that they did not have any time in class to study and felt like they were unprepared time wise and practice wise for the SAT. 

“They didn’t give us time to study, but like I said, my math teacher had us do some SAT Khan Academy prep and quizzes in class,” Ella Rio said.

Rio said that the teachers did not give them enough time to study and they only had a couple prep quizzes in math. Having time to study in one semester in one block does not give the students very much time. 

The day before the SAT wasn’t any different to any other day even if they had a big test the next day. Teachers were teaching new material which made the students more overwhelmed before the test.

“It was a pretty normal day,” Rio said. “Every once in a while I would forget about the SAT the next day and then my teachers would be like ‘Goodluck on the SAT tomorrow!’ and I would remember it all over again. But my teachers didn’t teach any differently than they normally did.”

Teachers made students make the SAT seem like it wasn’t that big of a deal. Teachers were teaching as if it were a normal day and as if the juniors did not have a big day the next day. They were underestimating the SAT by not mentioning it to the students besides a simple good luck.

Parents were also putting pressure on their kids. Some parents might expect super good scores, while on the other hand, some will be okay with the first score and allow the retake to improve scores. 

“My parents were the ones who told me I was going to retake the SAT. They believe that people should take it twice because you can always do better the second time because you know what to expect. So there wasn’t a lot of pressure on me to do amazing this time, but I’m sure there will be when I retake it in August,” Rio said.

Parents were also putting extra pressure on top of feeling unprepared for the test. Parents were expecting so much more from their kids that they don’t think of the possibility of retaking the SAT. As Rio said, her parents made sure that she knew she had the option to retake the test despite her score. Even though she’ll feel more pressure for the retake, she knows that she will know what to expect next time and not have to go into the test completely clueless. Although Rio has the choice to retake it, not all families do because of financial issues which can cause more stress on the students to do well the first time.

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