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Batavia High School is proud to present Ken Ludwig’s hilarious farcical comedy, Moon Over Buffalo on November 5th-6th at 7:30 and November 7th at 2:30 at Batavia High School.  Tickets are $7.

George and Charlotte Hay are slightly over-the-hill touring theater actors who are running out of time to catch their one big break to become Hollywood movie stars.  Their theater company is in Buffalo, New York, alternating performances of the swashbuckling theater classic, Cyrano de Bergerac (the “one-nostril version”!), and the clever upper class comedy Private Lives by Noel Coward.  Of course, the very moment that stardom seems to be coming the Hay’s way is the moment that Charlotte decides that she is fed up with George’s antics and she is leaving him forever! 

Now, legendary director Frank Capra, who needs two leads for his next big movie, is on his way to see the matinee and Charlotte is missing. Then George is missing.  How will the show be ready on time? Will they perform Cyrano or Private Lives or some twisted mixture of the two?  Will the Hays lose their chance for Hollywood? Is one of the actors marrying Frank Capra? And where did George put his nose?  This play has been called a “love letter to theater” and anyone who has ever been onstage, wanted to be onstage, or just enjoys a good laugh should come to see it.

Come see this clever and entertaining comedy starring John Schueneman as hammy actor George Hay and Jessi McCluskey as his theatrical wife, Charlotte.  The fun doesn’t stop with these two; there is a blisteringly funny cast of characters that spin the plot along, including George and Charlotte’s talented daughter, Rosalind (Maddi Mueller), who has quit acting and is running off with Howard (Doug Burrichter), an overly nervous weatherman.  But can she deny her passion for Paul (Nick Coussens), George’s “partner in crime” and one of the theater’s leading actors?   The play also features Ethel (Megan Scharlau), Rosalind’s deaf Grandmother, the seamstress (Liz Greiwe), who follows Ethel around like a shadow, Eileen (Emma Kegerris), who has a very big secret to tell George, and Richard (Charles Grimse), the dashing lawyer who wants to sweep Charlotte away from George and his craziness.  The show also features actors Leslie Billing, CJ Chandler, Kelsey Skomer, Evan Tegtman, and Megan Warren.

To order tickets:

  • Batavia High School theater parent organization, S.T.A.G.E., at  
  • Call the Ticket Hotline, 1-630-937-8600  Ext. 7949

Tickets can also be purchased:

*11:00 am—1:00 pm in the Batavia High School Atrium every day that school is in session

*45 minutes before show time

BHS contact: Joshua Casburn, director

630-937-8600 x8653

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