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Photo courtesy of Coach Dennis Piron

Photo courtesy of Coach Dennis Piron

Big lights beaming down on the freshly cut grass, crowd roaring, cheerleaders cheering, dancers dancing, and the band playing the song we are all familiar with, Batavia Loyalty. This is what Batavia has been waiting for all year long, Batavia’s Friday night football games.

This year representing Batavia’s football team will be captains Rourke Mullins, Anthony Scaccia, Micah Coffey, and Forest Gilbertson. Throughout the season more captains will be chosen that show the proper aspects of a leader.  All these boys though, show outstanding leadership, people who are often looked at for advice and help. They are all great competitors, amazing students, and highly regarded. Each year the captains are chosen by the team which shows that they are well rounded trusted people. These boys will lead the team to victory.

The expectations for this season are set fairly high, not only are they to win, but they are to make the community, students, and parents proud of what they are seeing on the field. Proud to be a part of the community and proud to say they are a bulldog. For the players, the goal is to feel pride and dignity on how they played and leave no regret. As far as preparation for this season the boys have been working extremely hard on their off season. Since November of 2012, the boys every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, who are not in a winter sport, have been lifting after school. “We have purchased the boys cut off tanks this year to show off all their hard work, and dedication they have put into the football program” Said Coach Dennis Piron.

To be the best you have to be put through some obstacles, success is said to not just be handed to you but worked for to know that the outcome was worth it. This season the Bulldogs will be again playing their toughest competition their first couple games. The first game against Glenbard North will be one of the obstacles the bulldogs will pull through again like last year. Glenbard North advanced in playoffs during the 2012 season to state even though they ended up losing the game to Mt. Carmel. The biggest challenge for the bulldogs throughout the season is to keep their focus till playoffs, play every game like it’s their last, and know to never give up.  Coach Piron thinks his schedule this year is “As good as we can make it” he says, “Its competitive, and demanding” which is exactly what the team needs this year.

What the community loves most about Batavia football is the traditions, passion, and dedication. Batavia in the past has been ranked one of the best crowds anyone has ever seen. You never see a sheet of silver at the football games; they are always packed tight in the sea of Red, Black, and Gold.  “I just love Batavia. The kids, sports and community, I’m a bulldog!” Says Piron.  He would do anything to see his community succeed in all programs which is why Batavia is so successful in all athletic and academic programs.

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