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Seniors struggle to manage stress during college selection season

By Jayelin Haines My shoulders sag as I sit through another class presentation about choices for our future. The words spilling out of my teacher’s mouth stick together and filter into my brain as if they were gibberish. In my

OPINION: BHS should start later

By Jayelin Haines and Irulan Riley According to everettsd.org, lack of sleep can easily affect academic performance, but this is old news to most students.  Here at BHS, school starts at 7:35 every day except for Thursday when school starts

Five events BHS students should attend in coming months

By Jayelin Haines Entering the new year, Batavia High school has lots of events in store for their students. Many annual events are coming back to the school as well as brand new events for all students to enjoy. The

Bulldog football brings pride, passion to Batavia

Big lights beaming down on the freshly cut grass, crowd roaring, cheerleaders cheering, dancers dancing, and the band playing the song we are all familiar with, Batavia Loyalty. This is what Batavia has been waiting for all year long, Batavia’s