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10 things to know BEFORE college

By Rachel Morano

Thinking about going to college can be a very scary and extremely exciting time period in someone’s life. Many times, people don’t fully understand what it’s like but more times than not everything works out in the end. There are many aspects that go into getting ready to head off to school and they can all impact someone’s decisions. Here are 10 things to know before leaving for college.

  1. There are many scholarships most may not know about. Always ask questions to the admissions counselor about extra ways to cut money off tuition. Also, go the extra step and research the different scholarships that are available that many others may not know about.
  2. The dorm room is going to end up being a house for the next few years so make it home. Try and put up images of family and friends, anything that may resemble things from home will help in an amazing way. Becoming home-sick may happen but there things could help make it much easier.
  3. Keep money on the side. No matter how big or small a paycheck may be, keep some of each check on the side because that money will come in great use later. College kids definitely aren’t making the most money so anything that can be scraped together in savings will be very helpful in the future.
  4. A student ID can help in more ways than are commonly known. Before going into a store or restaurant, look up and see if discounts are given to college students. It’s somewhat surprising how many industries accommodate for students.
  5. Staying organized and being on top of what is going on is essential. Keep a planner, do laundry as much as possible, keep a healthy grocery list, etc. Know the difference between collecting / saving and hoarding. Keeping a clean dorm and being on top of school work will help university life fall into order and make things much easier when trying to get comfortable in a new space.
  6. Try to put the phone down. This is the very peak of education, look around and see what college has to offer. Look people in the eye and have real conversations, this is hard to do when staring at a phone.
  7. Never put anything on the internet that wouldn’t be appropriate at a job interview, on a first date, or in front of mother. Social media can come back around to haunt many college students so don’t fall into the trap. Many say it but it is sometimes hard to understand, the internet is forever.
  8. It’s okay to outgrow dreams. Going into college with a clear cut plan for life is great for some people, but others change their minds. There is no problem with deciding to switch majors or move to a new dorm. Maybe that dream house and job don’t seem as appealing anymore. It’s college, live life and experiment with what you want out of it.
  9. Just because someone was a best friend is high school, may not mean they’re meant to be a forever friend. In college people change, everyone is growing up and acting different. One may have everything in common with someone in high school, and nothing in common with them in college.
  10. Enjoy yourself. College can be a crazy and confusing time but lay back and relax. If too much stress comes around, it kills the enjoyment. College will come to an end just like everything else so enjoy it while it lasts.
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