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A to Z: Everything you need to do in Illinois before college

By Elisa Reamer When leaving Illinois for college, there are a lot of things here that you will never get to experience again. Either it’s because your entire family is moving with you, or you are going to move to

10 things to know BEFORE college

By Rachel Morano Thinking about going to college can be a very scary and extremely exciting time period in someone’s life. Many times, people don’t fully understand what it’s like but more times than not everything works out in the

Darby, a student athlete looks towards a bright future

By Jackson Lambert Getting good grades, practicing a sport while also practicing an individual talent, and looking towards the future can be overwhelming for some. But not all. One prime example of this is Jack Darby, a senior on the

College football analysis pt 2

By Maty Baines College Football is now in full swing and the rankings have been posted for week three. Already this year there have been game winning hail mary’s, eight touchdown performances, and Heisman hopefuls. Upsets are becoming common; three

What graduating high school really feels like with Haley Niedzwiedz

By Sarah Hager Although at times it may feel like high school lasts forever, sooner or later it comes to an end. As students approach senior year, a lot of questions and uncertainties tend to arise about what the future

Class rank under fire

As juniors begin the long process of applying to colleges and planning their futures, a common question falls into consideration. Is my application good enough? After all I’ve done in high school, will I get into the college of my